La Nouvelle Platine
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In this record deck, the turntable is identical to the "Platine Verdier" but rotates silently resting on an oil bath. This system was achieved after some long research thanks to a very simple means. A pump continuously maintains the oil pressure at the top of the axle.
A pump ? Not so simple, damned complicated you would think ! Well of course the first approach is terrifying, but all things considered, the result has been obtained thanks to the "slice of bread principle". 
At breakfast, when you butter your toast, if the butter is at the right temperature, your knife lays the butter on the toast, gliding voluptuously without ever touvhing the bread. In a similar way, at the top of the axis of the "new turntable", two blades making a 120 degree angle, spread the oil on the superior stop, maintaining a thick lubricating bath on which the whole weight of the turntable can rest. Which results in a totally rumble free turntable. 
I hope you are now convinced that the principle of my pump is very simple...well nearly, because the manufacturing of the parts requires a diabolic precision impossible to reach without the digitally controlled tools we have today.

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